About the Blogger


Hey Hi Hello! My name is Christina but I typically go by Keena (the nickname given to me by my brother Cory who couldn’t pronounce ‘Christina’ when I was born).

I am glad you found my page, despite the mass amount of websites and social media out there… could have sworn I was just shouting into the void by posting here.

Why did you start this blog, you ask? Well. I am a Deaf woman. I was born deaf, and this has truly shaped my journey. This blog is not solely about my deafness however, I created this as an outlet for my thoughts and rambling. I will be posting my art, photography, ramblings (my clinical depression, anxiety, life, beauty), and honestly whenever the muse hits it will be uploaded.

If anything I post resonates with you, I would love for you to reach out to me. I hope you enjoy my page.

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